Baker Hughes offers a full portfolio of Vulcanix™ geothermal drill bit solutions.

The portfolio includes the Vulcanix™ geothermal tricone bit, the Vulcanix™ geothermal PDC bit, and the proprietary Vulcanix™ geothermal Kymera™ hybrid drill bit.

Our application engineers can select the optimal bit to deliver superior performance in a specific formation or address the most demanding drilling challenges. For example, in Indonesia our Vulcanix Kymera bit is the go-to choice to reliably drill tough, igneous lithologies.  And in a US Department of Energy project in Utah, our Vulcanix Geothermal PDC set a drilling performance record with unmatched ROP.

  • Wide application range: Address challenging rock formations, high temperatures and harsh well conditions.
  • Superior reliability: High temperature components enable the bit to operate reliably for extended runs in circulating temperatures upwards of 400oF (204oC).
  • Longer runs: Built on technologies and procedures tested and refined in hard and abrasive applications, these bits offer proven capabilities for reaching TD reliably in the most challenging and complex geothermal drilling environments
Graphic of some Vulcanix Geothermal Drill Bits.



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