• Sharp point-loading tip
  • Increase ROP
  • Recessed face on diamond table
  • Designed using Finite Element Analysis to reduce stress in diamond table
  • Improve durability in applications with high cutter forces and moderate impact
  • Optimized cutter placement

  • Carbonates, anhydrites, salts, and pressured shales
  • High mud weight applications
  • Intervals with soft formations combined with tough, ductile formations with moderate levels of interfacial severity and abrasiveness


Lancer™ shaped-cutter technology from Baker Hughes provides an efficient point loading effect to improve rate of penetration (ROP) in applications where soft formations are combined with tough, ductile formations with moderate levels of interfacial severity. Lancer’s efficient cutting action and durability allows for a higher ROP potential while mitigating the risk of tangential failure, which can be a limiting factor in shoe-to-shoe runs. Paired with the Baker Hughes PermaFORCE™ elite PDC drill bit platform, Lancer shaped cutters provide a sharp point loading edge that focuses more weight to a smaller area of the rock, and the unique three-dimensional shape provides a plowing effect to further increase cutter efficiency. This allows a drill bit equipped with Lancer shaped cutters to penetrate ductile high-pressured formations to generate maximum ROP.


Drill faster and reduce risk

Lancer shaped cutters incorporate the friction reducing face geometry of the CryoCut™ shaped cutter. By recessing the primary cutting face, Lancer shaped cutters decrease the contact zone between rock and cutter face, lowering the friction force. This prolongs the wear life of the cutter in applications to maintain a sharp cutting edge to maximize drilling efficiency.


Optimize cutter placement with 3D tetrahedron bit drilling simulation

Placement of the Lancer shaped-cutter technology can be tailored to specific application requirements. Deliberate placement of the shaped cutters in the right locations within the cutting structure is extremely important to maximize performance without introducing risk of premature damage. Baker Hughes’ proprietary 3D Tetrahedron™ bit drilling simulation software evaluates cutter and bit body interactions with the rock.

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