• Lowers WOB requirement for a given ROP
  • Enables faster drilling and longer runs
  • Reduces friction and heat generation at cutter/rock interface
  • Breaks up rock cuttings for improved efficiency

  • Abrasive formations
  • Interbedded sandstones and carbonates

Save time and money on your next drilling job with the robust, reliable ShockWave™ shaped cutter from Baker Hughes. The ShockWave cutter’s novel geometry improves cutter-rock interaction while extending bit life to help you drill farther and faster.


Optimized design drives peak performance

Designed to be deployed with the Dynamus™ extended-life drill bit, ShockWave cutters fracture your rock with less energy and improve rate of penetration (ROP) for a given weight on bit (WOB). The cutter’s unique shape projects cuttings and heat away from the face of the cutter—lowering the risk of wear and chipping to extend cutter life.

Combining our advanced design modeling and bit-testing capabilities with our unmatched shaped-cutter portfolio, Baker Hughes drill bit experts pinpoint the ideal placement of Shockwave cutters on your bit. This customized design helps assure that ShockWave cutters deliver optimal performance in any of your formation types and applications. 

Contact us today to learn how ShockWave shaped cutters can help you drill faster and farther on your next well.

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