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  • Record fewer drilling hours
  • Maximize ROP with fewer trips out of the hole
  • Drill longer runs with fewer bits per section



Drill longer runs in less time with GX™ roller cone drill bits from Baker Hughes. Designed for durability, our bits ensure a greater rate of penetration (ROP) to deliver a high-quality wellbore with fewer drilling hours and minimal nonproductive time (NPT).


Ensure superior performance with proven designs

GX roller cone drill bits are designed with a reliable elastomer seal and a durable cutting structure to improve performance in a wide variety of drilling applications. The cutting structure’s tougher carbide grades and compact shapes, coupled with field-proven G3™ bearings and leg protection, all combine to maximize penetration rates in rotary and motor applications.

Our bits include various hydraulic configurations to ensure proper bit and hole cleaning in many applications. Clean Sweep™ nozzles clean the heel and adjacent heel teeth, while XStream™ nozzles clean multiple rows of the cutting structure.

With GX roller cone drill bits, you’re assured fewer bits per section, fewer trips out of the hole, and fewer days to complete your well—all of which help dramatically decrease your cost-per-foot.

Contact us to learn how GX roller cone drill bits can improve your drilling performance while lowering your costs and risks.


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