• Ensure superior drilling performance with enhanced lubricity and rate of penetration
  • Maintain optimal rheological properties at temperatures above 400°F (204°C)
  • Ensure effective performance in a range of fluid properties and densities

  • Deployment with synthetic base fluids
  • Shelf applications
  • Environmentally sensitive areas



With the SYN-TEQ™ synthetic-based drilling fluid system from Baker Hughes, you don’t have to sacrifice drilling performance for environmental compliance. With nearly twice the lubricity of diesel-based drilling fluids, the SYN-TEQ drilling fluid system enhances your rate of penetration (ROP) in challenging wells while safely biodegrading to minimize your environmental impact.


Ensure superior drilling performance and low environmental risk

The SYN-TEQ drilling fluid system combines GT-3000™, a thermally stable, isomerized olefin base fluid, with high-quality emulsifiers and a wetting agent. The result is a cost-effective, rheologically stable drilling fluid system for your more challenging drilling operations, including highly deviated wells.

When the non-toxic, biodegradable GT-3000 fluid is combined with other specialty fluid additives in the SYN-TEQ drilling fluid system, you’re assured an effective and environmentally safe alternative to traditional oil-based drilling fluids.

Not only does our drilling fluid system minimize torque and drag while drilling, but it also exhibits minimal rheological changes with temperature fluctuations. The SYN-TEQ drilling fluid system retains optimum rheology properties at temperatures above 400°F (204°C). In addition, the system’s low kinematic viscosity ensures a stable rheological profile at reduced temperatures, such as those encountered in flowlines in low ambient temperature regions.

The fluid system’s low viscosity base affords the design of high-density fluids that retain their optimal rheological properties. These properties are a benefit when lost returns are a concern or when hole cleaning is an objective in your wells.

The SYN-TEQ drilling fluid system can also give you an economic advantage when formulated with low synthetic-to-water ratios. Such ratios can significantly lower your drilling fluid costs and improve your overall well economics.

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