• Improve wellbore stability while increasing rates of penetration
  • Reduce common drilling challenges including bit balling, differential sticking, torque, and drag
  • Minimize your environmental impact

  • Water-based drilling fluids
  • Shale formations with a tendency for high water uptake

Balance drilling performance and environmental compliance with the PERFORMAX™ high-performance water-based drilling fluid system from Baker Hughes. Designed to bridge the gap between conventional water-based and emulsion-based drilling fluids, PERFORMAX water-based drilling fluids maximize your drilling efficiency while lowering your costs.

Assured efficiency with multifunctional formulations

The system is formulated for use with water salinities ranging from freshwater to saturated monovalent brines, including those containing sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and formate brines. Each formulation delivers superior drilling performance through the combined effect of several key components:

  • The MAX-SHIELD™ wellbore sealing polymer and MAX-PLEX™ shale control and wellbore stability additive both increase the membrane efficiency of shales in a similar manner as emulsion-based fluids
  • The MAX-GUARD™ shale control additive limits clay hydration by supressing the clay’s water uptake, while also reducing clay plasticity to lower risks of bit balling
  • The proprietary PENETREX™ rate-of-penetration (ROP) enhancer preferentially wets the surfaces of metals, drilled cuttings, and formations to reduce torque and drag while increasing ROP
  • The NEW-DRILL™ shale control additive encapsulates your drilled cuttings for easier removal by the rig’s solids control equipment, with lower dilution rates and mud maintenance costs

PERFORMAX water-based drilling fluids are formulated for compliance with global environmental standards. And with they’re high solids removal efficiency and lower dilution rates compared to conventional fluids, PERFORMAX fluids minimize your environmental impact.

Contact us today to learn how the PERFORMAX high-performance water-based drilling fluid system can help you achieve the ideal balance between superior drilling and sustainability.

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