• Reduce HP/HT fluid loss
  • Strengthen fractured and porous formations
  • Get effective lubricity in a wide range of temperatures and drilling fluid formulations

  • Water-based and invert emulsion drilling fluid systems
  • Highly depleted reservoirs and depleted HP/HT wells
  • Loss of circulation, from seepage losses to total loss of returns

Control circulation losses of your drilling fluids with LC-LUBE™ synthetic graphite particulate from Baker Hughes. A specially formulated, synthetic graphite particulate, LC-LUBE effectively mitigates partial seepage losses to total loss of returns in your depleted, highly permeable reservoirs and high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) wells.


Get multi-functional performance in a single additive

The size, shape, and durability of LC-LUBE make it ideally suited for improving the performance and efficiency of your drilling program in several ways.

  • As a graphite particulate, LC-LUBE functions as a solid lubricant and friction reducer for most drilling fluids. This makes it ideal for use as a sliding aid to increase weight transfer to bit and to aid in running liners.
  • LC-LUBE has excellent sealing and bridging properties. Adding LC-LUBE to a mud aids in the “stress cage” wellbore strengthening technique, which helps the reservoir rock maintain integrity in an overbalance situation. LC-LUBE’s high deformability helps form an effective pressure seal in the throats of fractures—thus preventing fracture propagation and reducing filtration losses. LC-LUBE is a key component of the MAX-BRIDGE™ system for drilling highly permeable and fractured formations where massive circulation losses and differential sticking are common.
  • LC-LUBE is chemically inert and thermally stable, making it compatible with all other drilling fluid additives and in HP/HT applications. LC-LUBE can be reliably added to water-, oil-, and synthetic-based muds, with no significant increase in fluid rheology—even if added at up to 30 lb/bbl (85.8 kg/m3) throughout the mud system.

LC-LUBE can be added easily to effectively treat any fluid loss challenge you face. Treat seepage losses by adding LC-LUBE at a dose of 5-10 lb/bbl (14.3 – 28.5 kg/m3) in conjunction with calcium carbonate and other LCM materials. Prior to drilling into a known loss zone, LC-LUBE can be applied as a pre-treatment (2-5 lb/bbl, 5.7-14.3 kg/m3). And to treat total losses, LC-LUBE can be included at higher concentrations as part of a broad spectrum pill.

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