• Strengthen loss zones to enable drilling
  • Deploy in place rapidly and easily, in a single trip
  • Avoid gas migration by deploying as an isolation plug

  • Lost circulation in vugular or cavernous formations
  • Plug and abandonment operations
  • Remediation of sustained casing pressure


Whenever severe lost circulation events occur during drilling and conventional solutions fail, MAX-LOCK™ lost circulation material (LCM) can seal flow paths to stop losses and get you drilling again. This award-winning LCM technology is especially effective in vugular or cavernous formations and can be used with confidence in plug and abandonment operations.

When severe lost circulation events occur and conventional solutions fail, count on MAX-LOCK™ lost circulation material (LCM) from Baker Hughes. A high-strength, acid-soluble system, MAX-LOCK LCM is a proven alternative to conventional cement plugs in a range of applications.


Stop lost circulation with customized solutions

MAX-LOCK LCM is a magnesia-based, phase-transformation fluid technology that is easy to place downhole across a loss zone. It demonstrates thixotropic, shear-thinning behavior under downhole conditions, and forms a high-compressive-strength plug to combat a significant lost circulation incident.

Designed to operate in conventional temperature environments, MAX-LOCK LCM has an acid solubility of over 90% and tolerates both water-based mud (WBM) and oil-based mud (OBM) contamination. Formulations are customizable for the setting time your application requires.

Our LCMs are safe to use in your production zones, and help hinder flow through a loss zone, even before fully setting.


Plan a precise treatment

Ensure that your MAX-LOCK treatment is precisely planned and executed by drawing on the vast experience of Baker Hughes LCM experts. They work closely with you at every step to carefully address factors that include:

  • Estimating the correct MAX-LOCK LCM pill volume needed based on the loss scenario
  • Customizing LCM setting time by estimating static and dynamic bottomhole temperatures 
  • Determining the fracture gradient to limit equivalent circulating density (ECD) across the weak zone
  • Estimating ECD against the weak zone while pumping spacers and the MAX-LOCK LCM pill 
  • Evaluating QA/QC of product and water analysis to further verify pill performance
  • Studying the effect of contamination on MAX-LOCK LCM setting time and compressive strength

For applications including lost circulation in vugular formations and remediation of sustained casing pressure, MAX-LOCK LCMs give you a proven, long-lasting, and cost-effective isolation solution.

Contact us today to learn more about how MAX-LOCK LCMs can mitigate your most severe lost circulation events for optimal drilling and production.

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