• Drill more efficiently with improved lubricity and wellbore stability
  • Improve rig economics with simplified transportation logistics and wellsite storage
  • Reduce post-drilling cleanup time and minimize disposal costs

  • Unconventional gas/shale wells up to 275°F (135°C)
  • Horizontal, deviated, and extended-reach wells
  • Drilling operations with challenging well paths



The LATIDRILL™ high-performance water-based fluid system from Baker Hughes provides a simple solution to your complex drilling challenges. The system offers a competitive, water-based fluid alternative to oil-based mud (OBM) in land-based unconventional, deviated, and lateral wells—offering you exceptional environmental, logistical, and economic benefits in the process.


Simple formulation, substantial performance benefits

While OBMs are the traditional choice for improving wellbore stability and rate of penetration (ROP) in challenging wells, they also pose environmental risks and logistical downsides. The LATIDRILL system is specifically designed to deliver lubricity and stability like an OBM, while improving rigsite logistics and minimizing environmental impact.

Baker Hughes drilling fluid experts developed the LATIDRILL system with three main components that work together to reduce friction and surface fatigue on your drill string, casing, and wellbore.

  • The LATIBASE multifunctional, water-based drilling fluid additive provides effective performance in all intermediate and lower hole sections
  • The LATIMAGIC is a custom-engineered wellbore stabilizer and lubricant that increases your drilling efficiency and wellbore integrity in directional and extended-reach wells
  • The LATIRATE is a low-concentration ROP enhancer and lubricant that reduces downhole friction to improve sliding efficiency and penetration rates in directional and extended-reach wells

Together, these components form layered structures on your drilling and casing string to reduce the friction, vibration, and heat generated during drilling. The system also helps minimize solids during drilling, which further increases ROP by providing better hydraulics and improving hole cleaning.


Improved downhole stability, simpler rigsite logistics

The LATIDRILL system also gives you superior wellbore stability by minimizing clay swelling. The system’s unique chemical structure encapsulates reactive clays to inhibit water entry and enable the clay matrix to maintain its integrity. You’ll also get the added benefit of reduced nonproductive time (NPT) due to tight spots and stuck pipe associated with clay swelling.

And by using fewer products at low concentrations, the LATIDRILL system can simplify your wellsite and transportation logistics while freeing up rigsite storage space. Rig personnel can spend less time mixing mud and more time on the drill floor, which further improves your drilling efficiency and economics.

The LATIDRILL system’s simple formulation and superior performance make it a unique and viable alternative to OBMs in complex wells. In a growing number of drilling jobs around the world, the system significantly reduces drilling time, delivers substantial cost savings, and helps get the well into production faster.

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