Confidently take your drilling performance to new extremes with PYRO-DRILL™ water-based drilling fluid from Baker Hughes. A flexible fluid system designed for the hottest reservoirs, PYRO-DRILL water-based drilling fluid is an environmentally safe alternative to oil-based mud (OBM) systems commonly used in high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) drilling.


Maintain high-temperature drilling performance with low environmental impact

HP/HT wells have traditionally been drilled with non-aqueous and conventional water-based fluids up to a temperature of 500°F (260°C). But as HP/HT drilling keeps moving into harsher environments with bottomhole temperatures (BHTs) climbing past 600°F (316°C), traditional fluids can’t handle the heat.

PYRO-DRILL water-based drilling fluid is specifically engineered to withstand the extreme BHT conditions of your most challenging wells, including those drilled past 25,000 ft (7,670 m) true vertical depth (TVD). And because it is water based, the fluid poses less risk to the environment and rig personnel than conventional drilling fluids. 

Our application specialists can customize the fluid with stable properties at temperature extremes for your most demanding downhole conditions. Deploy the PYRO-DRILL water-based drilling fluid at temperatures greater than 600°F and in the presence of contaminants with densities exceeding 19.0 lb/gal (2.28 g/cc).

The fluid system also saves you valuable rig time, thanks to its reduced fluid conditioning time after trips and lower corrosion rates compared to OBMs.

Contact us today to learn how PYRO-DRILL water-based drilling fluid can help you drill your ultrahigh temperature wells faster and farther, with less risk and lower costs.

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