• Improve reliability
  • Reduce invisible lost time (ILT)
  • Increase your positioning awareness and accuracy

  • Unconventional shale plays
  • Onshore development drilling
  • Factory drilling

Increase your drilling efficiency and get your well online faster with the NaviTrak™ HR highly reliable MWD service from Baker Hughes. The service improves measurement-while-drilling (MWD) efficiency to solve drilling challenges that traditionally add extra rig time and costs to your operations.


Improved reliability and efficiency

The NaviTrak HR service delivers real-time directional information, including hole inclination, azimuth, and toolface orientation. And by configuring with different pulsers and an optional gamma ray MWD service, you get MWD efficiency improvements tailored to your drilling specifications.

The service incorporates an upgraded onboard memory module and high-temperature directional sensor package, all within one unit. With these upgrades, you’re assured lower operating costs and improved reliability.

The NaviTrak HR service also includes an integrated battery that enables flow-off surveys. This ability to take surveys while making connections lowers your rig time while reducing invisible lost time (ILT). An electrical switch affords efficient management of the battery’s capacity, ensuring a longer battery life and giving you additional time to access deeper reservoirs.

The NaviTrak HR service also includes continuous inclination and azimuth with near-stationary survey accuracy to ensure continuous wellbore positioning awareness, regardless of stationary survey intervals. In some scenarios, this enables a reduction in survey frequency, without compromising well placement accuracy.

These features combine to give you a highly reliable MWD service that saves drilling time and lowers operating costs while maximizing your contact with the reservoir target.

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