Access critical reservoir data quickly and confidently with drill stem test (DST) tools from Baker Hughes. Whatever your drill stem testing goals, we have the tools and services to ensure that you get the answers you need—accurately and efficiently.


Tools for every testing need

For more than 30 years, Baker Hughes has engineered and built DST tools for a wide range of testing applications in several regions around the world. Our tools include:

  • Test strings (tubing)

  • Circulation valves

  • Shut-in (tester) valves

  • Data and sample collection tools (both gauges and samplers)

  • Zonal and annular isolation (packers)

  • Flow ports

  • Perforating gun assemblies and shaped charges

Count on our vast DST tool engineering and design experience to achieve your testing objectives, including:

  • Collecting accurate downhole formation information and samples

  • Putting the well in static underbalance for effective post-perforation clean-up

  • Improving well kill capabilities to isolate the formation and reduce the risks of formation damage during fluid circulating or reversing processes

  • Eliminating the wellbore storage effect by shutting in the well closer to the perforated zones for improved data quality and reduced testing time

  • Gathering data during ongoing well production and workovers to assist field management strategies

With each testing job, Baker Hughes continues to build on our reputation for flawless execution and ongoing tool advances. As your wells go deeper to access extreme reservoir environments, our proven service excellence and high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) DST tools will ensure timely access to critical formation information.

And because we engineer and manufacture all of our DST tools to meet a full range of testing requirements, you’re assured efficient tool delivery and consistent, high-quality data collection and analysis.

Contact us today to learn how our drill stem test tools can provide better well control and accurate reservoir data for your well planning decisions.

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