Enhanced services and precise data

LWD Borehole seismic services from Baker Hughes offer application design, data processing, and interpretation for detailed reservoir description that improves production and field development.

From simple time-depth data to imaging deep into the reservoir, we deliver the link between geophysics and geology. Our SeismicTrak™ seismic while drilling services enhance surface seismic resolution, enable depth correlation to logs, and image stratigraphic and structural anomalies. SeismicTrak™ seismic-while-drilling services can help you reduce downhole uncertainty and optimize wellbore placement.

Dedicated engineers make the difference on every job

We recognize that every client is unique and that every well is different. Baker Hughes borehole seismic experts engage in the pre-well planning and modeling phase through to providing the service deliverables. Their invaluable contributions bring optimal job performance and results.

Reduce rig cost through efficient, seismic-enhanced drilling

The SeismicTrak™ service captures measurements during natural pauses in the drilling process, which are then transmitted to the surface using mud-pulse telemetry. As pipe is added, seismic operations from the surface engage, and the SeismicTrak™ downhole receiver acquires formation velocity data with no slowdown to the operation.

Reduce uncertainty for enhanced safety

Although surface seismic data is subject to uncertainty, especially in high-risk, sub-salt, and deepwater markets, it still provides the basis for the majority of wells drilled today. The SeismicTrak™ service reduces this uncertainty by showing important reservoir features and potential drilling hazards—in real time—such as faults and pore-pressure regions, to increase safety during the drilling operation.

Optimize well landing with real-time data

During drilling, the SeismicTrak™ checkshot data is transmitted to the surface to position the well on the seismic map. This real-time seismic data helps optimize operational processes and improve wellbore placement. Simply landing the well in the reservoir is not enough—Baker Hughes can optimally place your wellbore for maximum reservoir exposure.

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LWD borehole seismic services