• Clear, high-resolution images in water- and oil-based mud systems while drilling
  • Accurate measurements in large boreholes and heavy mud
  • 100% coverage in high rate of penetration (ROP)

  • Formation dip and strike
  • Structural mapping and well-to-well correlation
  • Detailed formation fracture studies

The ImageTrak™ high-resolution ultrasonic borehole imaging service provides detailed images, enabling you to evaluate formation fractures, features, and borehole geometry in any type of borehole fluid, including oil-based mud.

Overcome geomechanical challenges and reduce NPT

Poor borehole quality and/or stability issues stem from various root causes, such as inherent formation characteristics, a poorly designed or matched drilling fluid, and/or mechanical problems caused by bottomhole assembly (BHA) vibration. Because these issues result in major revenue losses, you need a service that will help you evaluate formation problems. The ImageTrak ultrasonic transducers measure amplitude and travel time, generating a 256-sector image of the wellbore. The amplitude image represents acoustic impedance contrasts of the borehole wall, allowing you to identify and evaluate variations within lithology, bedding, lamination, or physical rock features. The ImageTrak service provides you the visibility to reduce nonproductive time (NPT) and lower the risk of losing a BHA in the hole when you have to drill difficult wells with geomechanical challenges.

Optimize completion design, maximize hydrocarbon production

In unconventional applications, fractures are the key to productivity of a well. During drilling, the wellbore will have natural and induced fractures, and they can be opened or closed. The ImageTrak service travel-time image displays the oriented borehole shape and size, so you can assess the distance of the transducer to the wellbore wall. This is advantageous for identifying opened, closed, and mineralized fractures. The ImageTrak service provides you with high-quality images that will facilitate an optimum completion design so you can maximize hydrocarbon production and minimize water production.

The ImageTrak service operates in oil- and water-based drilling mud systems that have a wide range of mud weights. The system’s high sampling rate and three transducers support penetration rates up to 400 ft/hr (122 m/h) and can correct for wellbore eccentricity effects.

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