• Identify fluid composition, productive and nonproductive zones, and natural fractures
  • Get accurate indications of formation porosity, permeability, volumetrics, and fluid saturations
  • Improve analysis and completions planning with visual reservoir interpretation

  • Conventional and unconventional plays
  • Exploration and development wells
  • High-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) environments



Get sharper formation insights and a deeper geochemical understanding of your wellbore with the HC-Vision™ reservoir characterization service from Baker Hughes. As an alternative to mud logging services, the HC-Vision service delivers timely answers regarding the reservoir’s geochemical composition—answers you can use to make more informed decisions while drilling and completing your well.


Detailed reservoir answers from surface-based measurements

The HC-Vision reservoir characterization service incorporates basic drilling data and C1 – C5 values to provide geochemical insights from gas ratios that were removed from drilling artifacts. Using data logs from Baker Hughes surface logging services or other third-party providers, the service creates a standardized plot format for your legacy projects or current drilling program.

With the HC-Vision service, you’ll receive critical indicators of wellbore hydrocarbon volumetrics, saturations, porosity, and permeability. These indicators give you more detailed answers to your reservoir’s fluid type, productive or non-productive zones, potential fluid contacts, reservoir connectivity, and natural fractures.

The HC-Vision service helps you make informed well development decisions that minimize risks, control costs, and let you capitalize on your reservoir’s full reserves potential. And, it lets you do all this entirely from surface measurements.

Contact us today to learn how the HC-Vision reservoir characterization service can sharpen your formation evaluation for improved well design.

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