• Maximize production and increase reserves estimates
  • Save time compared to laboratory analysis for faster decision-making
  • Reduce the number of logging runs

  • Unconventional wells
  • Extended-reach and horizontal wells
  • Slimhole drilling and high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) zones



Gain deeper reservoir insights from your drill cuttings with the Baker Hughes STRATA-Vision™ advanced cuttings evaluation service. By analyzing the basic log measurements and hole cuttings you’ve already collected, the STRATA-Vision service helps you optimize your completion and stimulation designs—without having to gather more data.


Detailed reservoir analysis at the wellsite

The Strata-Vision service is a non-intrusive, surface logging service that provides advanced formation evaluation data in any drilling environment. Using the latest technologies, the service delivers near real-time elemental, mineralogical, organic, and petrophysical analyses of your cuttings—information you can use to make better drilling decisions while you are still in the hole.

The STRATA-Vision’s specific analytical technologies include:

  • X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) identifies major and trace elements and chemical changes in the formation. XRF also derives geochemical gamma ray, which allows for depth matching to logging-while-drilling and wireline tools based on radioactive elements.
  • X-ray Diffraction (XRD) identifies and quantifies minerals and derives a brittleness index for the rock.
  • Pyrolysis helps determine the thermal maturity, total organic carbon (TOC), inorganic carbon, and oil and kerogen yield—all of which are used to determine the potential of your reservoir.
  • High-resolution digital microscopy obtains granular structure, 3D images of sediment features, and high magnification images of cuttings that can be sent offsite for analysis by subject matter experts.

Maximize the value of these analytical tools by drawing on the expertise of our field geologists. They have the experience and insight to accurately interpret and present the results in an easily understood STRATA-Vision log, right at the wellsite. You’ll also get an enhanced reservoir analysis by our Reservoir Technical Service (RTS) experts, who can incorporate the data sets for your individual wells and integrate them into a larger interpretation for field and basin studies.


Proven productivity gains

The STRATA-Vision service has been successfully deployed in fields around the world—from the North Sea and Kuwait to the US Gulf of Mexico and Brazil. Operators have used the service to reduce their number of logging runs while optimizing their drill bit selection from the improved lithology analysis provided.

The service can help you maximize your production by providing additional reservoir properties that are often overlooked during cuttings analysis. Integrating the detailed elemental and mineralogical analyses provides several substantial benefits to the long-term productivity of your wells:

  • Accurately determine water zones, lithology contacts, and areas with the highest production potential
  • Improve your fracture stage placement and reduce the number of unproductive stages
  • Improve geosteering accuracy by ensuring the well path stays in the kerogen-rich zone
  • Make more informed completion decisions with a deeper understanding of the depositional environment and hydrocarbon maturity

Contact us today to find out how the STRATA-Vision advanced cuttings evaluation service can optimize your wells, regardless of your drilling conditions.

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