Get detailed insights into your reservoir and production fluids with the Reservoir Performance Monitor™ (RPM™) service from Baker Hughes. By combining multiple nuclear measurements in one system, the RPM gives you a wealth of information to optimize your reservoir development plans.


Comprehensive reservoir evaluation and management

The RPM service is a cased-hole formation evaluation system that uses a slimhole, multifunction, pulsed neutron tool with industry-leading accuracy and precision.  Specifically, the RPM instrument employs three high-resolution gamma-ray detectors arrayed above an efficient, reliable pulsed neutron generator. The generator pulses at different frequencies, and state-of-the-art electronics in the detectors measure the arrival time and energy of the returning gamma rays.

A data acquisition system operates in various timing modes to obtain a range of different logging measurements for your reservoir and fluids, which include:

  • Pulsed neutron capture (PNC) sigma logging is an established cased-hole saturation logging service that differentiates between saltwater and hydrocarbons to measure water saturation for effective reservoir monitoring and management
  • Carbon/oxygen (C/O) logging determines oil saturation in reservoirs containing low- or mixed-salinity water
  • The GasView™ gas saturation service accurately measures salinity-independent, quantitative gas saturation to provide a clear picture of reservoir gas
  • The FluidView™ three-phase fluid saturation service provides through-casing, quantitative, three-phase formation fluid saturation analysis in light-oil/high-salinity reservoirs—all in a single run
  • The NEO™ openhole log emulation service uses pulsed-neutron data to construct neural-network models that emulate openhole log responses through the casing
  • The RockView™ Slim service provides basic lithology information through the casing, evaluates gravel pack completions, and generates a relative brittleness indicator that is useful for optimizing frac-stage placement
  • The RockView™ Thru service acquires and processes high-resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy data through casing to provide lithology and mineralogy of the formation for more informed reservoir development
  • The Pulsed Neutron Holdup Imager (PNHITM) service provides three-phase holdup determination in horizontal boreholes
  • Several oxygen activation modes—the Hydrolog, FlowShot, and Annular Flow Log (AFL) services—provide quantitative water velocity measurements in or behind casing, under a variety of completion configurations

Combine the RPM instrument with other production logging instruments to provide a complete picture of your well’s production and reserves in a single trip. And the tool’s short, modular construction makes it easy to rig-up, ship, and handle in the field.

With the RPM service deployed in your well, you get access to a vast array of information for a broad range of applications:

  • Formation evaluation
  • Reservoir saturation
  • Production monitoring and profiling
  • Workover and well abandonment evaluation
  • Identification of water channeling for mechanical integrity testing

Contact us to learn how the Reservoir Performance Monitor service can help you interpret your wide variety of production environments and complex reservoirs.


  • Get detailed insights into oil, gas, and water migration in your reservoir
  • Optimize your frac stage planning
  • Monitor your production profile to make informed production optimization decisions
  • Cased-hole formation evaluation
  • Production monitoring and profiling
  • Workover and well abandonment evaluation

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