• Save rig and nonproductive time (NPT) costs by evaluating multiple-sized casing in one pass
  • Run with an optional gamma ray and neutron tool to improve correlations
  • Get reliable measurements in high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) wells with tools rated up to 450oF (232oC)

  • Identify channels accurately in fast formations
  • Detect presence of microannulus

The Radial Bond Tool™ from Baker Hughes improves cement evaluation compared to conventional cement bond logs. The tool combines eight radially distributed receivers with a 5-ft (1.5-m) receiver to provide detailed analysis of casing formation bonding. You’ll get these results immediately and in an clearly interpreted manner.

Before final well completions are made, the zones being completed must be analyzed for hydraulic isolation to prevent possible crossflow between reservoir zones behind casing. The Radial Bond Tool service simplifies interpretation by displaying the full 360o circumference of the surveyed casing section with a 2D graphic map.

The service presents vital cement information in an easily understood format. Logs clearly indicate areas of high-quality cement bonds, poor cement intervals, and the location and extent of any cement channels with equal resolution.

Because the service provides more information in a user-friendly format, you can continue your well operations or begin remedial efforts with complete confidence.

Contact us to learn how the Radial Bond Tool can improve the speed and clarity of your cement evaluation.

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