• Reliably secure whipstock system in place, even in irregular and uneven wellbores
  • Ensure one-trip deployment and anchoring in place, even in large wellbores
  • Sidetrack around downhole fish and overcome washed-out wellbores

  • Applications requiring an alternative to packer/anchor assemblies
  • Cemented and noncemented openhole sidetracking
  • Cased-hole applications during casing exit operations



Ensure that your sidetracking jobs go precisely to plan with proven whipstock anchor systems from Baker Hughes. Our reliable anchoring systems keep the whipstock in place during the sidetracking operation, even in the most demanding wellbore environments. You’re assured more precise sidetrack placement, in less time and at lower risk compared to cemented sidetrack operations.


Ensure flawless operation and flexible setting options

Our whipstock anchor systems are available in different setting options, including hydraulic-set and bottom-trip, to give you improved operational flexibility.

Hydraulic-set inflatable packer anchors provide a proven whipstock anchoring solution in irregular and uneven wellbores and allow for stable, positive deflection of the drilling bottomhole assembly in hard, compressive formations.  

Bottom-trip retrievable anchors like our TorqueMaster™ bottom set anchor provide enhanced durability during sidetracking and efficient slip retraction for easy retrieval.

The durability of our anchoring systems also allows for faster trip-in speeds through the vertical section of your wellbore, thus reducing your rig time—even when sidetracking around stuck fish in the well.

Contact us today to learn how our whipstock anchor systems give you the reliability and risk-free operation you need in your sidetracking jobs.

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