Gregory D. Brenneman

Greg Brenneman serves as the Executive Chairman of CCMP Capital Advisors, LP, a private equity firm since October 2016. Previously, he served as Chairman of CCMP from 2008 until October 2016 and as its President and Chief Executive Officer from February 2015 until October 2016. He is also Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TurnWorks, Inc., a private equity firm focusing on corporate turnarounds, which he founded in 1994. Prior to joining CCMP, Mr. Brenneman led restructuring and turnaround efforts at Quiznos, Burger King Corporation, PwC Consulting, a division of PricewaterhouseCoopers (“PwC”), and Continental Airlines, Inc. 


The Board believes Mr. Brenneman’s qualifications to serve on the Board include his experience in several executive and leadership roles in the private equity space, his service on other public company boards, and his finance, investment, global business, and human resources expertise. 

Other Public Company Board Memberships in the Past Five Years:

  • The Home Depot, Inc. (2000 – present)
  • Haywood Holdings, Inc. (2021 – 2023)
  • Ecovyst Inc. (2014 – July 2022)
  • Baker Hughes Incorporated (2014 – 2017)
  • Milacron Holdings Corp. (2012 – 2017)