• Rod pumps
  • Electric submersible pumps (ESP)
  • Conventional and unconventional wells
  • HPump™ surface pumping system
  • PCP tubing draining valves
  • And more

You can now maximize lift performance with expert advisory and an intelligent operating system for single and multi-wells across your artificial lift systems.

The ProductionLink™ Expert surveillance and consulting services team of artificial lift application engineers provide 24/7/365, real-time support on your wells using a sophisticated suite of digital solutions to identify problems and spot trends before they affect production.

Equip talent to make decisions faster, implement the latest industrial cyber security standards, extend equipment run life, and reduce lifting cost per barrel of oil.


  • Real-time data
  • Predictive analytics
  • Prescriptive production solutions
  • Design program integration
  • Industry-leading simulation and modeling capabilities
  • Two-way surveillance and optimization


Maximize productivity by quickly and easily identifying uplift opportunities.


Avoid failures and extend run times while also reducing wellsite visits.


Do more with less. Focus people on the right assets at the right time.

ProductionLink Expert surveillance and consulting services combine measured data to help diagnose conditions of rod pumps, electric submersible pumps, and other methods of artificial lift systems before they can negatively impact production.

Monitor intake pressure, discharge pressure, flow rate, tubing pressure, motor temperature, and electrical current. Centralize all the data where you can make sense of it and increase production efficiency. Prescriptive analytics also pave a path to follow as well conditions and production rates change.

Contact your Baker Hughes representative to discover how ProductionLink Expert software can help you improve production across ALL wells and extend run life of rod pumps, electric submersible pumps, and ALL other forms of artificial lift.



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