• Maximize scale dissolution and fluid efficiency
  • Economically remove downhole deposits and reliably bring them to surface
  • Minimize time on location with efficient job design, simulation, and tool setup

  • Removal of hard deposits or other obstructions
  • Stimulation of openhole, slotted, and pre-perforated liner completions
  • Stimulation of gravel-pack completions



The Baker Hughes Roto-Jet™ jetting tool gives you an economical means to remove downhole deposits that can impede your well’s productivity. By controlling the rotational speed of its jetting nozzle, this unique rotary jetting technology provides efficient, single-pass thru-tubing cleanouts from surface to total depth.


Remove downhole deposits with targeted precision

The Roto-Jet jetting tool introduces targeted, destructive stress cycling to your downhole deposits. With each pass of the jet stream, surface cracks are briefly pressurized to induce local tensile stress in the scale. This stress cycling occurs several times each second, shattering brittle scale into small particles that are easily transported to surface.

The jetting technology removes even your hardest scales, such as silicates and barium sulfate composites. In cases of significant scale accumulation, the Roto-Jet tool can be used after an initial pass with a motor and mill. The aggressive jetting action provides full inside-diameter cleaning, including completion jewelry profiles of varying geometry, without damaging the completion.


Improve performance and stimulate production

Use the Roto-Jet jetting tool to enhance acid delivery to the formation during your well stimulation jobs—boosting the benefits of stimulation chemicals and optimizing your well’s performance. The tool’s aggressive rotary jetting action is compatible with nitrogen, many diverting agents, and all fluids.

And when combined with our proprietary stimulation chemical systems, the tool aggressively washes and removes filter cake and drilling mud damage in horizontal openhole completions. The rotating action of the Roto-Jet tool clears a path through bridges and restrictions, providing full wellbore coverage.

Our application specialists are ready to help you select the optimal jet based on the fluid pump rate and your completion geometry. Using the Baker Hughes CIRCA™ modeling software, we help you configure the tool to optimize the choice of jet. The software also analyzes the standoff performance of various jet profiles and determines flow rates and pressure drops through the Roto-Jet tool.

You’ll get greater performance gains by combining the tool with our chemical scale dissolver products. This unique combination of chemical attack and stress cycling maximizes scale dissolution and removal, getting you back to optimal production rates in less time and with lower risk.

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