Roto-Pulse animation still.

First run of Roto-Pulse lower completion deployed acid treatment doubled planned injectivity and saved $500,000 USD.




  • Deploy fluids and tools with ease and high efficiency
  • Remove hard-scale deposits and restore permeability without damaging the wellbore
  • Deploy full-range CT solutions in a compact, lightweight, small-footprint system

  • Well cleanouts
  • Fishing operations
  • Stimulation operations



Conventional coiled tubing (CT) services from Baker Hughes deliver unconventional performance and cost savings to your well interventions. In addition to advancing the efficiency of your fluid, nitrogen, and tool deliveries, our CT services deliver proven, practical solutions for your well cleanouts, fishing operations, and other applications requiring high reliability and cost efficiency.

  • The Roto-Pulse™ gravel-pack cleaning process restores permeability in your gravel pack completions, without damaging your pack or screen. Using the Roto-Jet™ jetting tool and its special-purpose nozzles and operational parameters, Roto-Pulse generates a vibration that mobilizes plugging fines and allows generated currents to remove fluid from behind the screen and across the entire interval. By accurately placing solvent, acid, or enzyme treatment fluids, you’re assured safe and economical cleaning—with less fluid and reduced environmental impact.
  • The MicroCoil™ service incorporates all the benefits and capabilities of a conventional offshore CT unit in a lightweight, small-footprint system. With MicroCoil, you get a flexible, cost-effective offshore intervention system for wells where interventions were previously economically unfeasible due to lack of available workover vessels and deck-space/lifting-capacity limitations.
  • The proprietary CIRCA™ modeling software brings greater efficiency to your CT applications with advanced design capabilities. Use the software’s advanced solids transport analysis to plan effective sand cleanouts in challenging wellbore geometries. CIRCA’s transient analysis software lets our engineers predict accurate pressure responses and movement of solids and fluids as your CT process continues. And the CIRCA Real-Time (RT) software uses live operational data to update your job model on the fly, giving you real-time pipe fatigue updates and allowing you to adjust your safe operating limits to account for the effects of fatigue life and the effect of H2S on the CT string.
  • The unique TeleCoil™ system delivers real-time downhole information, including collar location and bottomhole and tool differential pressure and temperature, to improve CT efficiency and accuracy. And with the TeleView™ Camera, you get high-definition video of your fishing operations, without the limitations of battery life, memory, and downhole visibility that are common to other downhole camera systems.
  • The Intelligent Injector Control (IIC) system gives you unparalleled CT injector control through the integration of real-time modeling using your well’s actual dynamic conditions. The IIC system receives critical parameters from the CIRCA RT modeling software and makes automated adjustments to avoid tubing damage and failures, all while maintaining your system within a safe operating envelope.

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