Extend the reach of your coiled tubing interventions with water hammer technologies from Baker Hughes. Combining simple design with powerful friction-breaking action, our tools vastly improve coiled tubing (CT) deployments to total depth in the longest laterals.

The tools use the water hammer effect to generate traction forces that pull the tubing into your extended-reach well at higher speeds than traditional CT running. The periodic pulses created by the water hammer effect also set up tubing vibrations that reduce frictional drag and delay the onset of helical buckling and lockup. As a result, your tubing string can reach much greater lateral distances for improved operational efficiency of your intervention job.

Deploy our water hammer technology for a range of applications, including:

  • Fishing
  • Composite bridge plug milling
  • Ball seat milling
  • Sand cleanout
  • Vale shifting
  • Acidizing
  • Chemical placement
  • Screen and perforation cleaning
  • Scale removal
  • Depleted well service
  • Other extended-reach well services

Contact us to learn how Baker Hughes water hammer technologies can optimize coiled tubing running in your extended-reach wells.  

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