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  • Shorten milling time
  • Optimize through-tubing milling and shorten coiled tubing unit costs
  • Extend well production life without more expensive and invasive interventions

  • Loose junk retrieval
  • Stuck pipe removal
  • Extended-reach wellbores

Baker Hughes junk and general milling services deliver a full range of milling tools and techniques for your through-tubing milling interventions.  Whether you have loose junk such as bit cones or packers in your extended-reach well or face a section of stuck pipe, we can get your well back on line safely and efficiently.  


Get assured milling performance tailored to your needs

Select from advanced milling technology cutting structures that dramatically shorten milling time based on enhanced wear rate, increased impact resistance, and superior cutting edges.  The insert geometry, surface treatments, and specialized alloys are custom-engineered to assure successful operations in your specific circumstances. 

Our ability to source the right milling tool for the job—coupled with our expertise—can solve your obstruction problems safely and predictably.  The flexibility of our systems ensures milling success along long lateral lengths. And by combining our milling services with workover motors and rotary shoes, you can break up and trap even the most compacted debris and then safely bring it to surface with our range of fishing tools and junk baskets.

At the end of the day, you just want the coiled tubing unit on and off the well site as quickly as possible so you can get back into production. We can meet that expectation for you.

Contact us to learn how Baker Hughes junk and general milling services can optimize your through-tubing interventions.

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