• Deploys with a small crew of two field personnel
  • Requires minimal to no deck space
  • Increases flexibility with no limitation on water depth

  • Cutting and retrieval of subsea wellheads
  • Well abandonment
  • Well decommissioning

Subsea wellhead removal is a required step to successfully abandon or decommission a well in many areas, but it can cost a lot of time and money to perform the job.

Our Terminator™ vessel-deployed subsea wellhead cutting system helps avoid the limitations and costs of traditional offerings with a simple, safe, efficient solution. This one-of-a-kind system includes a hydraulic motor, wellhead connector, and industry-proven Hercules™ cutter that allows you to execute your subsea wellhead cutting from a vessel in an unprecedented short period of time of less than an hour for single cuts and within a few hours for multi-casing cuts.

By using a mechanical cutter instead of abrasive water jet cutting methods, the Terminator system eliminates associated risks with high pressures and lowers overall environmental footprint as it requires only 100 horsepower to operate. Additionally, there are virtually no water depth limitations, making it a great solution for deepwater applications.

The system can be mobilized quickly and only requires two personnel on board to operate. Once the Terminator system is deployed overboard, there is no additional equipment on the deck.

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