• Provides excellent sand/gravel transport to minimize void areas
  • Available in different viscosities depending on your specific application
  • Compatible with most brines for ease of application

  • All types of gravel pack completions
  • Workover operations
  • Well cleanout operations


Carrier fluids from Baker Hughes provide excellent gravel suspension in virtually any of your gravel pack completions and workover operations. With their availability in different viscosity ranges and compatibility with most brines, our carrier fluids give you the flexibility and confidence to conduct your fracturing, workover, or well cleanout operations with greater speed and lower risk.


Ensure efficient gravel transport with high-viscosity carrier fluid

Improve the effectiveness of your gravel pack completions with the Terra Pack II™ high-viscosity carrier fluid. The fluid’s non-crosslinked, nonionic polymer gelling agent make it an excellent choice as a gravel packing fluid. In addition, Terra Pack II can be spotted as a viscous pill across a producing interval to avoid formation sand sloughing.

The gravel suspending properties of this viscous carrier fluid will let you mix slurries at high gravel-to-fluid ratios of 15 ppg (1787 kg/m3) or greater.

Terra Pack II gives you the flexibility to gel the fluid using a variety of salt solutions as the base—an important feature in your high-pressure applications or when a specific salt solution must be used to maintain compatibility with the formation.

Once your gravel pack is placed downhole, the fluid breaks down with a viscosity near that of water by adding internal breakers. Once broken, the polymer residue is less than 1% based on the initial polymer weight.


Get excellent sand transport and fluid leakoff

Save time and costs in your gravel pack completions with the Terra Pack III™ carrier fluid. This moderate-viscosity, water-based carrier fluid includes a unique low-residue biopolymer to provide improved sand-transport capabilities and enhanced fluid-leakoff characteristics.

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