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  • Improve drilling efficiency and borehole quality with active stabilization pad
  • Ensure improved balance, durability, and wear with depth-adjusted cutters
  • Maximize cuttings removal and cutting structure cooling with optimized nozzle positioning

  • Rotary and rotary steerable applications
  • Drilling out cement and float equipment
  • Reaming and enlarging the remaining borehole interval



Optimize your borehole enlargement operations, in one seamless run, with RWD2™ ream-while-drilling tools from Baker Hughes. The suite of eccentric, concentric, and bicenter tools give you maximum flexibility when drilling out cement and float equipment as well as drilling and reaming the remaining interval in a single continuous operation.

The RWD2’s tool blade design and depth-adjusted cutters increase efficiency and reduce cost per foot. In addition, the RWD2 tools provide bottomhole assembly (BHA) flexibility for any motor, rotary, or rotary steerable application.

The tool’s one-run capability provides assured casing drillout protection and its profile meets the needs of any given well with pendulum, packed, or directional assemblies.

RWD2 tools are available for running in combination with straight and steerable motors. Steerable RWD2 bits are designed to achieve the same dogleg capabilities of standard bits.

And by running with the Ultra, Ultra X-treme, and X-treme series motors, RWD2 tools allow for passage or drillout without rotation of the underreamer in the casing or liner—thus avoiding damage to the completion equipment or casing shoe.

Find targeted solutions for your reaming needs

Regardless of your ream-while-drilling application, we offer proven RWD2 tools that are specific to your challenges:

  • The RWD2S™ motor steerable fixed-blade tool is customized for directional motor and hard rock drilling applications. An interchangeable pilot bit can be easily changed at the rigsite, and the tool’s short body assures directional performance and control for greater BHA flexibility, durability, and stability.
  • The RWD2C™ rotary fixed-blade tool is ideally suited for your rotary/rotary steerable operations as well as pilot hole and predrilled wellbore enlargement applications. The RWD2C’s variable profile feature ensures increased stability and improved hydraulic efficiency.
  • The RWD2ST™ slimhole bicenter tool improves your coiled tubing, re-entry, or sidetrack reaming and drilling operations. The customized pilot bit design increases performance and durability, while the tool’s one-piece construction and shorter body enhance potential buildup rates.
  • The RWD2X™ directional bicenter tool is designed for directional motor applications and operations prone to balling. The RWD2X’s directional technology manages pilot bit aggressiveness to allow for better tool face control in directional applications. And with alignment between the pilot and reamer blade, the tool optimizes fluid paths for improved cutter removal, increased cutter durability, and higher rates of penetration.

Contact us to learn how the RWD2 ream-while-drilling tools can optimize your reaming and hole enlargement operations in one seamless run.

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