How do you simplify field development and mitigate risks?

How do you accelerate first production?

How do you increase execution certainty?


Simplifying field layout and mitigating risks

Flexible pipe can simplify your field layouts by connecting directly to subsea equipment, often eliminating the need for pipeline end terminations and jumpers.

Because efficient, effective field layout is a critical element in advancing first oil or gas, we have a dedicated team with in-depth experience in pipe design, manufacturing, and installation to help guide you on the decision-making process.

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When you choose our flexible pipe, you’ll get:

Faster installation and better execution certainty

As flexible pipes are manufactured onshore and come ready to install, they significantly minimize the need for offshore welding so you can install them much more quickly - up to 12 times faster depending on the method.

Greater fleet availability for the transportation of flexibles also contributes to helping you with faster deployment and better execution certainty.  


Durable and reliable

As offshore and subsea developments move into deeper waters and more challenging environments, you need to be confident in the durability of your equipment. Our flexible pipes are designed to ensure reliable connections and optimal flow—even under high pressures, extreme temperatures, and in the most corrosive conditions.


Versatile and reusable

Flexible pipes can be recovered and redeployed several times to be used in other fields or additional wells providing you with a more sustainable, cost-effective solution for your piping needs. 


Flexible or rigid: the big debate

To guide you in your decision-making process for an optimal field layout, discover what features to consider when choosing either flexible or rigid pipe.

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Flexible Pipe Systems
Flexible pipe systems

Lower installed pipeline system cost, optimize flow, and mitigate risk throughout life of field.

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