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Build safe and effective remote operations on the industry’s most robust infrastructure for oil and gas

The success of remote operations depends on robust communications networks designed to transmit data securely and reliably from wellhead or rig site to office in a matter of seconds—and back again.

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Deliver information securely and with maximum uptime across all your oilfield assets

Whether we’re retrieving data from a well or sending commands to an automated drilling system, Baker Hughes provides robust, customizable infrastructure solutions that move data quickly, securely, and reliably.

Our Expertise

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Get maximum availability from our Global Data Centers

Our ISO-certified Global Data Centers offer secure, low-cost hosting services, maximum uptime, and it just works—all the time.

  • Uptime of 99.99%
  • Automatic failover systems to protect your data flow
  • Flexible and scalable oilfield infrastructure
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Tell us what you need

We can easily customize our remote-operations solutions to meet any local requirement. You get the same applications, quality, and security, wherever you need your data to be.

  • Your oil and gas data stays where you need it to stay
  • Our global footprint gives us extensive local knowledge
  • Industry-leading uptime

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Transfer your oil and gas data fast and reliably

Our network is reliable, fast, and secure. Rig or well data land on your web browser or mobile device within seconds, along with refined insights from our applications.

  • Low latency
  • High speeds
  • Secure transmission
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Don’t compromise on oil and gas data security

Your security always comes first. We extend our virtual private network all the way to the rig or wellsite and encrypt data with the most robust protocols at every stage of transmission.

  • ISO 27001 certification for data security
  • Authentication and titling system keeps data customer secret
  • Data always encrypted, whether at rest or in transit

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Guarantee optimum outcomes

From testing to end use, our ISO-certified change-management systems establish robust procedures for risk-assessment and escalation, guaranteeing repeatable, streamlined outcomes.

  • Rigorous risk assessment and mitigation
  • Clearly structured escalation procedures
  • Thorough testing before switching to remote operations
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Leverage round-the-clock support from real people

Whether you're leveraging our Global Support Center or a dedicated local hub, our 24/7 support teams have the domain expertise to resolve any need, from networks to apps to tools.

  • 24/7 phone and email support, 365 days a year
  • Support for our software applications
  • Secure data-feed support