Optimize wellbore placement

Our Reservoir Navigation Services (RNS) enable precise, data-driven navigation, de-risked completions, and maximum reservoir contact.

  • De-risk geologically challenging projects
  • Predict and avoid reservoir exits
  • Reduce NPT with efficient scenario planning
Leverage our experience

Since the late 1990s, RNS has guided the delivery of thousands of cost-effective, optimized wells, in a wide range of geological settings.

  • Draw on deep knowledge of every major basin
  • Work with industry-leading technology
  • Benefit from our collaborative team environment
Produce and recover more

We engage early with our customers to geomap and characterize each reservoir and tailor technology to each field’s specific challenges.

  • Enhance reservoir productivity
  • Maximize reservoir contact and borehole quality
  • Optimize completion design


Our Reservoir Navigation Services (RNS) provide a comprehensive, industry-leading, real-time geosteering solution for every well—in any geology or geography.  

Our service blends state-of-the-art software, precision drilling equipment, and expert advice to enable faster, more reliable decisions and the most productive wells.

Dynamic and interactive software simulations generate a holistic picture of the downhole environment, enabling comprehensive pre-well planning. Precise, real-time drilling capabilities enable our customers to navigate the most complex, high-angle, and horizontal wells. Real-time data flows update our customers with the latest downhole intelligence, enabling second-by-second adjustments to optimize wellbore placement within the reservoir.

Built on decades of innovation and experience, our RNS team enables superior completions. By comparing real-time data with offset well models, we can predict and avoid reservoir exit, and thereby optimize wellbore placement and tortuosity. In addition, our industry-leading combination of advanced scenario planning and effective, integrated workflows mean the team can make informed, proactive decisions that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

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