Get focused insights

WellLink RT aggregates wellsite data and delivers actionable insights securely and in real time.

  • Aggregate multiple real-time oilfield data sources
  • Customize visualizations of oilfield data
  • Improve safety and reduce non-productive time in the oilfield
Solve problems fast

WellLink RT provides comprehensive visualizations via web browser or mobile app to enable fast, coordinated decision making and problem solving for oil and gas customers.

  • Manage and monitor all phases of well construction
  • One real-time data aggregator and archive source for well data
  • Well data visualizations via web-based browser or mobile app
Operate remotely

By providing remote teams with real-time access to the same data and intelligence as wellsite teams, the WLRT application is essential to remote operations.

  • Workforce mobility with real-time data
  • Chat functionality and audit trail
  • 24/7 support


Aggregating and extracting useful insights from multiple streams of wellsite data is time-consuming and inefficient. The WellLink™ RT (WLRT) application solves the problem by seamlessly coordinating a diverse range of real-time data streams, at every phase of well construction. 

Whether you’re handling LWD, MWD, drilling, or mudlogging information, you don’t need to worry about compatibility. Designed for use with industry-standard data formats, the WLRT application can receive data from any vendor, using WITSML, WITS 0, or OPC-UA. It also supports connections via WITSML-compliant third-party applications.

But the WLRT application doesn’t just aggregate well data. It enables actionable insights, displaying advanced visualizations through a powerful and intuitive web-browser interface or a dedicated mobile app.

The WLRT application isn’t just user friendly and flexible. Connected to our redundant data hubs, it’s secure and fast, too. Supporting Energistics Transport Protocol (ETP) with 1-second frequency, the WLRT application ensures remotely distributed teams make decisions using exactly the same data as the wellsite teams. Chat functionality and an audit trail provide practical tools for remote operations and efficient collaboration across disciplines and borders. 

And the more data the application receives, the better your results get. It supports online archiving of real-time data and the information derived from it, enabling rapid playback for post-well analysis and diagnostics—and refining your next well plan. 

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