Plan jobs intelligently

Mitigate well-production risk and drive consistent performance improvements with comprehensive multi-well risk assessments.

  • Clean and aggregate data from multiple sources
  • Calculate pre-job risk levels
  • Identify recommended operating parameters
Track performance accurately

Leverage integrated analytics modeling to generate instant well reports, KPIs, and multi-well metric comparisons—and refine your next run.

  • Multi-well analysis and optimization
  • Instant reports and data visualizations
  • Intuitive, web-based platform
Make effective decisions

Optimize efficiency, reduce engineering costs, and avoid NPT with intelligent offset well benchmarking and recommendations.

  • Benchmarking visualizations
  • Rapid KPI and plot generation
  • Prescriptive analytics

Inefficiencies and failures during completions and well interventions can easily add non-productive time (NPT) and costs to projects. The xSight™ Analytics service generates data-driven digital insights that remove inefficiencies, avoid failures, and drive consistent and quantifiable efficiency gains.

From pre-job planning to real-time optimization and actionable post-job analysis, the xSight application brings together multiple streams of well data and leverages smart analytics to improve performance and repeatability, while lowering NPT and costs.

From casing exits to coiled tubing plug milling, our innovative cloud-based application performs multi-well analysis and optimization studies, generating instant well reports with key performance indicators and multi-well metric comparisons. 

Results are shared through simplified dashboards, intuitive data visualizations, and in-depth reports. With actionable insights generated from unmatched data analysis, these integrated workflows are changing the way the industry approaches completions and well interventions.


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