Boosts team collaboration

All JewelSuite™ applications are built on the same technology, enabling your teams to share data quickly and seamlessly across disciplines.

  • Exchange data objects across applications
  • Enable multi-disciplinary teamwork
  • Get live data updates and full version history
Works with any system

JewelSuite applications connect to industry-standard databases, technical software, and numerical tools. If a connector doesn’t exist, we’ll build it.

  • Connect to any data-management system
  • Control flow and mechanical simulators
  • Integrate existing technical workflows  
Adapts to your needs

The flexible building blocks that make up our JewelEarth™ software ecosystem give you the tools to create your own workflows.

  • Implement proprietary workflows and technologies
  • Tailor workflows to your organization
  • Quickly build connectivity to new applications  


JewelSuite™ applications cover the full range of well-planning requirements, including subsurface modeling, field-development planning, geomechanics, offset well analysis, drilling engineering, and reservoir stimulation. But they don’t just result in smarter planning, risk mitigation, and well placement.

They’re also all built on the same technology—the JewelEarth software ecosystem—driving consistency, interoperability, and extensibility. 

An instance of a well or any other data object created in any JewelSuite application can be dragged and dropped into any other, instantly showing up with every byte of data intact.

This enables users to collaborate across disciplines and borders in real time without performing time-consuming data conversions. They won’t miss a wink of sleep over data losses, either: live updates and alerts keep everyone in synch, wherever they are in the world, with automatic version histories stored for ultimate security.

With an underlying operating system designed for plug and play, the JewelSuite ecosystem’s versatile applications integrate seamlessly with your systems and software: our applications have connectors to all common databases, industry applications, technical software, and numerical tools. 

They’ve been designed for ease of use, too. Consistent design and functionality across our software ecosystem means that, once you’ve launched one application, the next will look reassuringly familiar. So, training is as simple as time management is efficient.

And the JewelEarth software ecosystem has the potential to go much further. Its extensible building blocks provide you with a coding toolkit for customizing workflows to specific project or well-planning requirements. It’s as extensible as you want to make it.

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