Operate more efficiently

Link together a wide variety of edge devices and generate remotely actionable insights through a simple, fast, and intuitive web-based interface.

  • Deploy in a wide variety of edge devices
  • Minimize training with a simplified user experience
  • Write configuration files in minutes
Reduce your costs

Run data-acquisition software on any edge system, from high-end servers to simple, cost-effective computing devices.

  • Reduce power needs at the wellsite
  • Lower costs and carbon footprint
  • Liberate valuable platform space
Enhance safety

Simplify remote operations, monitoring, control, and diagnostics by wirelessly connecting smart devices to wellsite equipment.

  • Avoid hazardous areas
  • Reduce the number of people required at wellsites
  • Reduce complexity and training requirements  


From compact, single-well monitoring systems to large and complex, multi-well intelligent completion systems, the SureFIELD™ Gateway service delivers data and remotely actionable insights in real time.

Integrating hardware and software solutions across the intelligent production value chain, the cloud-enabled application optimizes the efficiency and profitability of your assets—from engineering to manufacturing to operations.

Designed to operate quickly and simply on a wide variety of edge devices across a multitude of applications, the SureFIELD Gateway service's powerful web-based interface delivers simple, consistent, and intuitive user experiences via laptops, tablets, or smartphones. This reduces training requirements for all users, while enhancing safety by enabling wireless access to potentially hazardous wellsite assets.

Designed for flexibility, the application runs on either Windows or Linux operating systems. And smart coding means it performs reliably in any edge-computing device—from large, modern servers to small, cost-effective computing devices. This gives you freedom to deploy physically smaller wellsite solutions, reducing power requirements, carbon footprint, and cost. The results are greater efficiency and profitability—with no additional training needs.

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