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  • Improve desalter efficiency and operating flexibility with easier emulsion resolution
  • Cut energy and maintenance costs by decreasing fouling in crude processing units
  • Enhance catalyst life by minimizing solids-related catalyst poisoning

  • Opportunity crudes
  • Desalting operations
  • Refinery processing of high-solids crude oils

Process higher rates of opportunity crudes while protecting your processing equipment with JETTISON™ solids release agents (SRAs) from Baker Hughes. By releasing solids from the oil and into the brine, our SRAs improve the operational flexibility and throughput of your refinery processes, while lowering your maintenance, energy, and catalyst costs.


Increase profitability and processing efficiency

Solids carried through with your crude oils can upset your desalter, foul downstream equipment, deactivate catalysts, and downgrade your final product value. JETTISON SRAs remove more de-oiled solids from your crude and emulsion layer in the desalter and transfer them to the brine effluent. You’re assured more efficient and trouble-free operation of downstream equipment, with sustained product value and opportunities for improved profit margins.

With effective solids management from JETTISON SRAs, you can confidently increase the volume of high-solids crudes in your refinery’s crude diet, without sacrificing the reliability and integrity of your processing assets. Our SRAs have helped refiners optimize their processing potential of challenging crudes in several ways, including:

  • Meeting the key performance indicators (KPIs) for their hot crude preheat, furnaces, desalter, wastewater treatment plant, and other refinery operations
  • Facilitating emulsion resolution and drying to yield greater volumes of high-quality crude and oil-free water
  • Lowering the risk of processing upsets that can lead to downstream corrosion
  • Reducing solids and metals carryover into the crude that can poison catalysts and lower the quality and profitability of finished products

JETTISON SRA technology is part of the larger platform of tools and technologies in the Baker Hughes Crude Oil Management™ program. This program is customizable to treat challenges in your desalter and beyond. The comprehensive approach delivers the best feedstock preparation possible, to maximize your refinery utilization and profitability. And with JETTISON SRAs as a critical part of the Crude Oil Management program’s processing toolbox, you can take full advantage of attractively-priced opportunity crude oils.

Contact us to learn how JETTISON SRA technology can help you process a wider range of crudes for improved profitability.



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