The Intelligent Chemistry service lets you capture the maximum value out of your chemical treatment program—both in the field and in the refinery.


Take actions that maximize throughput

You can ensure maximized efficiency improvements with our data visualization and real-time analytics system. By bringing all of your field or plant data together into a single seamless platform, this system gives you the real-time insights and analytics you need to identify and rapidly remedy issues.

And with our machine-learning/analytics-based real-time delivery management, you’ll get the treatment chemicals you needat the right location and the right time. By reducing the number of trips to your field or refinery, our service helps you minimize transportation costs while lowering carbon dioxide emissions.

With our cloud-enabled intelligent chemistry advisor platform, we can provide you with high-quality technical product recommendations in hours instead of weeksall underpinned by rich performance data and artificial intelligence.  This agile solution can deliver field-wide recommendations with efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.  


Ensure asset integrity with automated treatment adjustments

Minimize downtime and asset integrity risks with our proven smart detection and treatment solutions. Smart injection systems rapidly identify system anomalies and adjust treatment levels based on risk and opportunity.

Maximize the throughput in your cooling towers, boilers, and wastewater treatment plants with the VIVID™ smart water treatment controller. This smart probe remotely monitors and automatically controls product residuals to resolve scale, corrosion, and other process challenges—quickly and cost-effectively.

Protect your refinery unit from the threat of overhead corrosion with real-time overhead analyzers. These tools combine automation advances in monitoring and chemical injection to keep corrosion at bay—and optimize your unit runtime and reliability at the same time.


Process more discounted crudes and maximize process profitability

Capture the full profit potential of discounted crudes with the LIFESPAN™ crude oil blending model. By accurately predicting the optimum crude blend for your process, LIFESPAN helps you maximize your discounted crude volumes while avoiding negative impacts on your operations.

And with our real-time desalting capabilities, you’ll get improved insights into desalter operations while removing the HSE risks and inaccuracies common to crude oil sampling. Through predictive monitoring using accurate process data, you can anticipate upset conditions more quickly—and respond with the most targeted remediation solution.  

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