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  • Increase pipeline throughput at the same operating temperature
  • Reduce pipeline pressure while maintaining flow rate
  • Shut down or scale back intermediate pump stations

  • Refined products
  • Pipeline transport

Overcome pump capacity restrictions and operating pressure limits in your refined product pipelines with the FLO™ MX68C pipeline booster from Baker Hughes. This proprietary drag reducer technology increases your pipeline’s throughput by reducing frictional pressure losses at the pipe wall—boosting your efficiency while lowering your operating costs.


Safe, reliable pipeline boosting performance

Our pipeline booster is an organic, carrier-based, slurry drag reducer that is nonflammable and non-aqueous. The additive delivers a high level of drag reduction through an ultrahigh molecular weight copolymer that dissolves quickly in hydrocarbon fluid. It performs well in a variety of refined products, including cold diesel.

The active polymer will not coat your pipeline wall or adversely affect your refined products being treated. However, it will shear degrade to lower molecular weight after passing through mainline pumps or other regions of high shear.

Pump FLO MX68C pipeline booster into your pipeline with a simple, low-footprint injection module consisting of a high-pressure adjustable rate pump, a flow meter, and other instrumentation. The additive is injected downstream of mainline pumps for best results.

The specific treatment level for your pipeline depends on throughput requirements, fluid properties, and pipeline hydraulics. However, typical treatment levels range from 2 ppm to 20 ppm—approximately 0.1 to 1.0 gal per 1,000 barrels of fluid treated (0.378 to 3.78 L per 158 m3).

The pipeline booster is delivered to location with a high actives content to improve consumption and handling. The product provides free-flowing, liquid-like handling down to -22°C (-30°F) and also exhibits excellent high-temperature stability. And because it does not contain inorganics or surfactants, FLO MX68C pipeline booster does not impact your fuel quality per ASTM tests.

Contact us to learn more about how FLO MX68C pipeline booster can improve the operating efficiency of your refined product pipelines.


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