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  • Achieve greater than 70% drag reduction at a low treatment rate
  • Handle and inject into the pipeline easily and with minimal safety risks

  • Crude oil pipelines

Reduce operating costs and increase throughput in your pipelines with the Baker Hughes FLO™ XLWR drag reducing agent (DRA). With minimal capital investment, you can reduce frictional pressure losses and increase throughput in crude oil pipelines that are otherwise restricted by pump capacity or pipeline pressure limits.


Proven performance

FLO XLWR DRA contains a proprietary, high molecular weight copolymer that dissolves quickly in hydrocarbons to give extremely high levels of drag reduction. While it lowers drag at the pipe wall to move more fluid through the line, it does not coat the pipeline walls.

Our full-service DRA offering includes hydraulics analysis of your pipeline systems to determine the right DRA formulation and optimal dosage rate for your lines.

Pump FLO XLWR DRA into your pipeline using our reliable, cost-effective injection module that includes a high-pressure, adjustable rate pump; a flow meter; and instrumentation. While specific treatment dosage depends on your throughput requirements, fluid properties, and pipeline hydraulics, effective drag reduction is typically achieved at treatment levels of 2–20 ppm (0.1–1.0 gal/1000 barrels of oil).

FLO XLWR DRA will not adversely affect the combustion, handling characteristics, or physical properties of your treated crude oil. FLO XLWR DRA does not degrade during normal pipeline flow, but is designed to degrade when passing through mainline pumps or other high-shear regions. This shear degradation eliminates the need to process the treated oil farther downstream.

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