• Gain overall improvements in fuel performance, efficiency, and emission standards
  • Reduce corrosion rates and slag formation
  • Inhibit asphaltene agglomeration and deposition

  • Heavy fuel oil, crude oils, and gasoils
  • Fractionator bottoms, and high-pressure boiler systems
  • Various cutter stocks

Maximize your fuel profitability while minimizing processing challenges with MARIQUEST™ marine fuel additives from Baker Hughes. Our dynamic suite of additive technologies combat a range of fuel problems to help you meet stricter regulations and stay competitive in a tight market.


Targeted treatments for your processing needs

Count on our long-time experience as an industry leader in fuel additive technologies to find solutions targeted to your specific challenges. Our suite of MARIQUEST marine fuel additives includes formulations designed to:

  • Improve long-term fuel stability for extended storage

  • Reduce fuel injector deposits for improved fuel economy

  • Maintain heavy fuel oil stability to prevent off-spec product and improve stable blending capacity

  • Stabilize asphaltenes and paraffins to inhibit agglomeration and deposition

  • Prevent fouling of combustion and exhaust chambers

  • Treat visible emissions to meet fuel standards

  • Mitigate vanadium-based corrosion at the hot side of a boiler, engine, or gas turbine

  • Inhibit cold-end corrosion due to hydrolyzed SO2

And to ensure that each additive meets your requirements, count on the extensive application knowledge and field experience of our Baker Hughes technology experts. They will work with you at each step of the process to accurately diagnose the treatment needs of your fuels, and then design and apply the optimal program in a safe and economical manner.

Contact us today to learn how MARIQUEST marine fuel additives can maintain your fuel quality while improving equipment performance.


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