• Address health, safety and environment (HSE) concerns and government regulations
  • Reduce product rejections and shipping delays

  • Refineries and terminals
  • Biofuels and finished fuels
  • Pipelines and aftermarket fuel packages



Whether you’re importing or exporting hydrocarbon fuels, in a refinery or a distribution system, you have to meet defined fuel quality specifications. SULFIXmercaptan scavengers from Baker Hughes remove corrosive mercaptans from your liquid hydrocarbons, helping you meet your product specs, reduce product rejections, and avoiding shipping delays.


Fast acting scavengers to maximize your fuel value

Part of our proven suite of fuel additive technologies, SULFIX scavengers are liquid additives that react irreversibly with all species of mercaptan sulfur to form oil-soluble, heat-stable products in crude oils, asphalt, residual fuels, and refined fuels.

Treatment rates are determined by the amount of mercaptan sulfur present in the material to be treated and the kinetics of the injection system. Work with our fuel additive specialists who will optimize your treatment rates based on variables such as mixing, temperature and viscosity of the material being treated, residence time, and the presence of other acid species in the fuel.

Continuous treatment into a flowing stream allows contact with the mercaptans and stoichiometric reaction. Batch treatments usually require higher treatment rates.

Use this product to correct copper strip problems, reduce or eliminate odors from fuels, and lower your fuel’s acid number.

Contact us to learn how SULFIX mercaptan scavengers can minimize your mercaptan problems and help maximize your fuel’s price.

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