• Extend usable fuel life after long-term storage
  • Reduce formation of gums and polymers in fuel
  • Treat fuels with lower dose rates of high-activity, high-flash point additives

  • Gasoline
  • Naphtha and distillates
  • Jet and aviation fuels

Maintain your fuel quality and inhibit degradation problems with TOLAD™ antioxidants and stability improvers from Baker Hughes. With more than 40 years of proven performance, our fuel additives will ensure that your fuels maintain their performance and commercial specifications for extended usable life.

TOLAD antioxidants include liquid mixtures of hindered phenol antioxidants that minimize the formation of gums, peroxides, and residues in your ground and aviation fuels. Our high-activity antioxidants are added at low dosage rates—typically 2 to 20 pounds per thousand barrels of fuel—to ensure long-term storage stability of your fuel with no loss of pumpability or performance. Active ingredients are approved for use in aviation fuels by several governing bodies and conform to numerous military specifications including MIL-DTL-5624, DEFSTAN 91-91, and ASTM D1655.

Our TOLAD fuel stability enhancers inhibit the degradation of your mid-distillate fuels for longer storage life. These ashless, non-metallic formulations inhibit the problems caused by gums and residue to protect your fuel throughout the distribution system. Our additives are compatible with most hydrocarbon-based additives and burn completely, without contributing to fuel system deposits.

Contact us today to learn how TOLAD antioxidants and stability improvers can help you maintain fuel performance and keep your distribution system deposit-free.

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