• Inhibit corrosion to prolong life of fuel distribution systems
  • Reduce product contamination and filter plugging
  • Ensure product compliance with corrosion specifications

  • Gasoline and naphtha
  • Diesel fuels
  • LPG and propane

Protect against corrosive attack in your fuel pipelines, storage tanks, pumps, and vehicle fuel systems with TOLAD™ corrosion inhibitors from Baker Hughes. Our specially formulated corrosion inhibitors form a protective film on the metal surfaces of transport and storage systems—protecting and prolonging the run life of your equipment while maintaining the quality of your finished fuels.


Effective corrosion control for any system

TOLAD corrosion inhibitors are a proven part of a continuous program of corrosion control for wide-ranging system applications.

  • Ensure effective corrosion mitigation while minimizing damaging interactions with process contaminants with our synthetic, oil-soluble inhibitors. With a lower acid number compared to common ferrous corrosion inhibitors, our formulations are less sensitive to caustic contamination, which decreases the likelihood of salt formation, filter blocking, and injector plugging.

  • Protect the non-ferrous metals in automotive fuel distribution systems with non-ferrous corrosion inhibitors. Our formulations provide proven corrosion mitigation of copper, silver, and other metals by sulfur-containing corrodants. These inhibitors help ensure that your off-spec fuel passes copper and silver strip tests, while reducing your need to reprocess or blend these fuels.

  • Get assured corrosion protection and improved fuel lubricity with low-dose, oil-soluble inhibitor formulations. Inject these inhibitors on a continuous basis to extend your distribution system uptime, reduce your pipeline pumping costs, and lower your maintenance costs for cleaning and repairs.

Our corrosion experts work with you to ensure that each formulation is customized to meet your specific needs. Inhibitors can be engineered with excellent low-temperature properties, which eliminates the time and cost of additive dilution or heated storage.

Deploy our inhibitors with the confidence to protect distribution systems for propane, gasoline, diesel, and furnace oil—without negatively impacting these fuels’ ability to shed water.

Contact us today to learn how TOLAD corrosion inhibitors can optimize the operating life of your fuel distribution equipment.

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