• Enhance performance of fuels with traditionally poor lubricity properties
  • Ensure increased service life and efficiency of fuel handling and metering equipment
  • Meet industry conductivity specification for diesel fuel

  • Fuel additive
  • Vehicle systems
  • Metering and handling equipment

Enhance equipment run life and minimize safety risks during fuel transport with TOLAD™ lubricity and conductivity additives from Baker Hughes.

Boost the lubricity of your fuel with TOLAD lubricity additives. Our ester-based lubricity improvers provide effective protection against friction and corrosive wear in vehicle systems. The low sulfur content of these additives also increases the service life and efficiency of your fuel handling and metering equipment. And because they are nonacidic, our additives do not interact with basic system components like diesel, gasoline additives, or caustic.

TOLAD conductivity improvers increase the electrical conductivity of your hydrocarbon liquids and help you meet industry specifications for fluid conductivity. Improved conductivity enhances safety during fuel handling, loading, and transport by minimizing the risk of static discharge and explosion due to electric charge build-up in your fuel.

And to ensure that the additive meets the needs of your specific fuel, count on the extensive application knowledge of our fuel additive technology experts. Through careful analysis of your hydrocarbon product, our experts determine the appropriate additive program to ensure that your fuels meet their highest quality specifications.

Contact us today to learn how TOLAD lubricity and conductivity additives can improve the safety and operating integrity of your fuel handling and transportation systems.

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