Download the case study to see how the LIFESPAN™ blending model saved a customer $6 million USD. 



  • Rapidly calculate the risk associated with any crude or fuel oil cargo—directly in your web browser
  • Accurately determine the window of compatibility that ensures stability of the final blend
  • Avoid off-spec fuel problems that lead to lost profits and regulatory challenges

  • Refineries looking to boost profits by processing new and opportunity crudes
  • Fuel blending operations looking to maintain fuel stability and profitability

You want to purchase discounted feedstocks to profit from opportunity crude blends, but making a quick decision is inherent with risk—the wrong cargo purchase could result in an unstable blend that puts your operations at risk of equipment damage, increased OPEX and reduced production. However, with instant data at your fingertips, you can dramatically reduce the risk of your decision—the LIFESPAN™ blending model from Baker Hughes enables you to make a profitable purchase decision, every time, at record speed.


Instant evaluations give you rapid control of your purchase decision

To harness the advantage of purchasing the best-fit, discounted cargo before other buyers, the LIFESPAN blending model gives you direct access to a vast library of crude oil and fuel oil parameters via your web browser—no need to lose time running samples and no need to take uncalculated risks.  Putting you in control enables you to:

  • Calculate the risk associated with any cargo
  • Predict the relative stability of every potential blend
  • Accurately determine the window of compatibility that ensures stability of the final blend
  • Proactively plan mitigation strategies to address deviations from the optimal processing window


Ensure stability of your final blend

The LIFESPAN blending model simulates the impact of asphaltene destabilization on your different units and your refinery’s performance as a whole. Using non-linear modeling algorithms, the blending model helps you quickly assess the stability impact of small changes in the crude blend’s composition. In a matter of minutes, you can estimate the stability of crudes blended in different ratios, and in combination with a variety of other crudes.

By linking your crude planning with the model, your operations managers and unit engineers will be able to change operational parameters to minimize any anticipated instability challenges with a new blend.


Avoid off-specification fuel oil blends

Off-specification fuel oil blends can cause major challenges in the form of vessel failure, environmental damage and legal action, and lost profitability. The LIFESPAN blending model mitigates these risks by simulating the stability of multiple blend combinations, enabling you to select the right blend with confidence.  With this information as your guide, you can then select the right chemical additives to mitigate fuel oil stability risks and further increase blend stability. And should blend instability issues arise on the fly, application experts from our Prepared 2 Respond™ (P2R™) services work with you to provide targeted additive treatments that quickly resolve specification challenges to get your fuel moving again.

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