• Improve low-temperature operability
  • Decrease filter plugging caused by wax buildup

  • Diesel fuel additive
  • Terminal
  • Refining



Get an accurate, onsite assessment of the integrity of your entire coiled tubing string with the CYCLE™ pipe management software from Baker Hughes.

Ensure that your fuel meets pipeline and exchange specifications at low temperatures with TOLAD™ cold flow improvers from Baker Hughes.


Proven cold flow performance for your fuels

Our TOLAD cold flow improvers are high molecular weight copolymers in aromatic hydrocarbons used to improve cold flow properties of your mid-distillate fuels and crude oils. By modifying the size and shape of wax crystals during their formation, these products enhance low-temperature handling properties of a wide variety of fuels.

Work with our fuel additives specialists to find the optimal type and dosage of cold flow improver for your applications. Our products work effectively at low rates to lower your fuel’s pour point and reduce the risks of filter plugging caused by wax buildup.

The excellent handling properties of TOLAD cold flow improvers help lower your handling and storage costs. At the same time, our products reduce the need for dilution and heated storage at many locations.

And by providing a fluid with improved flow characteristics near or below its natural pour point, our cold flow improvers provide you with lower energy use, reduced pumping equipment needs, and less transport vessel cleanout time and carry-back.

 Contact us today to learn how TOLAD cold flow improvers can improve your fuel’s low-temperature handling and stability.

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