• Assures flexible, scalable data gathering and control
  • Leverages edge technology to evaluate lift system performance
  • Ensures efficient on-premise deployments
  • Facilitates easy integration with enterprise systems
  • Optimizes production while minimizing emissions

  • Intelligent RTU
  • Gas production optimization
  • Chemical automation



ProductionLink™ Edge smart artificial lift automation solution is an intelligent industrial internet of things (IIoT) controller installed at the well site.  Providing a secure and flexible edge computing platform that continuously collects and analyzes data to automate artificial lift well site operations.

Relying on engineering teams to manage your artificial lift systems can be an operational bottleneck. Even the most experienced engineers cannot perform advanced analytics at the speed and precision required to fully optimize your lift systems.

The ProductionLink™ Edge smart artificial lift automation is your virtual engineer at the well site, providing 24/7 surveillance, analysis, and control of your artificial lift systems.


Bring intelligence to the well site

Part of the ProductionLink™ integrated production optimization platform, the ProductionLink Edge device leverages smart edge technology to continuously collect and process your lift system and well production data. And with preconfigured analytics and machine learning capabilities, the device makes precise decisions and automatically adjusts system parameters to boost well production and extend equipment run life.

ProductionLink Edge can augment or completely replace existing remote communication gateways in the field. The system provides the toolset to transform how some of the upstream operations are conducted today, based on the following core principles:

  • Cyber Security.  Using the latest IoT technologies, the vulnerabilities of current field automation and SCADA systems are minimized and regular software updates ensure that you are always prepared to deal with new cyber security threats.
  • Interoperability.  Vendor agnostic, it can interface with any standard field equipment.  A server-side Hub manages the field devices and is specially designed to quickly integrate with your existing IT systems.
  • Scalability.  The system is readily extendable to best fit any deployment scenario and field connectivity requirements.  Included support ensures that system maintenance is taken care of so you can focus on production optimization.
  • Advanced Analytics.  Make use of existing Baker Hughes ML/AI analytics framework or develop customized solutions working with our artificial lift experts to meet your needs.  If you already have an edge analytics idea or fully fledged algorithm, the ProductionLink Edge platform is the best vehicle to make it a reality and make it part of your operations.

Maximize your operational efficiency. Digital transformation is about providing people with the best tools to be more productive. ProductionLink Edge replaces the previously manual tasks of data collection, analysis, and interpretation with a fully automated solution. The device efficiently analyzes details that even an experienced engineers might miss, ensuring faster and more accurate decision making and process adjustments. Your engineers can then work on higher value tasks and projects that drive greater field efficiencies and performance gains throughout the production lifecycles of your wells.

Ensure predictable performance. With its 24/7 monitoring, analysis, and control, ProductionLink Edge mitigates the risk of human error in field optimization decisions. And because it is always on, the device catches lift system problems early to extend equipment field life while reducing the number of unplanned events and maintenance crew trips to remote wells.

Curb emissions on the path to net zero.  By automatically adjusting your lift system to changing production conditions, ProductionLink Edge helps optimize your power consumption at the well. And by avoiding the need to send a fleet of maintenance crews out to take measurements and make manual adjustments at each well, the device helps lower your CO2 emissions in line with your net zero goals.

ProductionLink Edge’s interoperability, compute capacity, and communications technology—all coupled with the deep domain knowledge of Baker Hughes artificial lift specialists—make it a unique solution in the industry.

Get the precision and speed you need to effectively boost your artificial lift performance with ProductionLink Edge.

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