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  • Stabilize ESP systems in unstable wells prone to gas slugging
  • Automatically purge gas and adjust system set point for maximum flow
  • Maximize production while safely extending ESP run life

  • ESP wells with high gas content
  • Horizontally completed wells
  • Unconventional plays



Improve your production and electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system reliability with the MaxRate™ gas mitigation software from Baker Hughes. By automatically adjusting the downhole system to mitigate gas locking and pump off conditions, the software lets you run ESPs in wells that were previously off limits.


Minimize production slowdowns with intelligent solutions

The MaxRate gas mitigation software is designed for intelligent production optimization in your high gas environments. As an integral part of the Electrospeed Advantage™ variable speed drive (VSD), the software mitigates production interference due to high gas content by automatically purging accumulated gas and adjusting set points to the optimal production level.

Whether you have to manage production in wells with rapidly changing parameters or frequent slugging, the MaxRate gas mitigation software minimizes deferred production by riding through 100% free gas slugs.


Optimize ESP performance with proven technologies

MaxRate software optimizes ESP operation through two technologies. The GasControl technology manages slow, controlled drawdowns while the GasPurge technology clears gas locks when they occur.

When elevated gas levels are detected in your production stream, the software automatically slows the ESP system down to allow produced fluid to backflow through the pump. This flushes the gas bubbles from behind the impeller vanes. Once the gas lock is cleared, the VSD will ramp the motor frequency back up to begin pumping again.

With each deployment, the MaxRate software continues to deliver reliable ESP performance, while extending run life and avoiding unnecessary shutdowns and failures.

Contact us today to learn how the MaxRate gas mitigation software can maximize production and fluid drawdown in your ESP-lifted wells.