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  • Reduce rig deployment time
  • Mitigate ESP assembly failures and nonproductive time
  • Eliminate cable splices to reduce ESP installation time
  • Lower intervention costs by extending service life

  • Rigless or tubing-deployed ESP systems
  • Offshore platforms or subsea wells
  • High-volume, high-intervention-cost land wells

Don’t let power cable problems lead to expensive downtime and deferred production from your electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system.

The UpCable™ power cable from Baker Hughes avoids the installation and operating challenges common to conventional ESP power cables, packer penetrators, splices, and wellhead penetrators. With its higher mechanical strength and hydraulically compensated connection technology, UpCable eliminates field splicing to reduce installation times, increase reliability, and extend service life.  


Extend operating life while minimizing deployment risks

Minimize the risk of mechanical damage during run-in and connection with UpCable’s robust, dry-mate socket and plug. The connection system arrives at the well site ready to install, simplifying system integration and assembly. The metal-to-metal seal is quickly tested after making up the connection on the rig floor—giving you added assurance of uninterrupted power downhole.

A metal tube surrounding each conductor eliminates exposure to produced fluid, while an outer encapsulation housing helps resist against slip-strike damage and rough handling during deployment. Extensive qualification tests confirm that each UpCable last up to 20 years under harsh downhole conditions—longer than typical production tubing—while reducing intervention costs.

Deploy UpCable to extend the performance life of your AccessESP™ retrievable ESP system or any other conventionally deployed ESP. Whether your ESP system is onshore or offshore, rigless or tubing-conveyed, UpCable helps ensure robust and reliable power delivery and prolonged production.

Contact us today to learn how the UpCable power cable can maximize your ESP uptime and lower your intervention costs.

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