• Increase ESP reliability in higher operating temperatures
  • Improve resistance to rapid gas decompression
  • Improve phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground connection

  • Conventional oil wells
  • Unconventional oil wells



Get assured power and performance for your most challenging electrical submersible pumping (ESP) applications with the CentriLink™ 12 and 20 motor lead extensions (MLEs) from Baker Hughes.


Proven performance in harsh environments

The CentriLink MLE portfolio offers design features that deliver higher temperature, voltage, and amperage ratings as well as improved motor connection electrical properties to withstand ever-growing downhole challenges.

Lower your risk of damage during installation with the CentriLink 12 MLE. The MLE’s unique low-profile design prevents installation damage and delays, allowing you to get your well into production sooner. The design also accommodates a larger diameter motor shaft to improve motor reliability during hard starts.

And for your higher horsepower ESP systems, rely on the high-load capacity of our CentriLink 20 MLE. Featuring larger conductors for higher current capacity, the CentriLink 20 MLE assures enhanced reliability and power delivery in even the harshest conditions.


Durable designs ensure extended operation

Both MLEs are designed with enhanced sealing properties that prevent ingress of wellbore fluid or debris into your motor. And with an increased tracking distance to ground, each MLE improves the dielectric strength of the motor insulating block and motor lead connection.

The simple, reliable plug-in connection design of each MLE reduces your rig time during installation, while minimizing the risk of contamination.

The CentriLink MLE’s advanced metallurgy and high temperature thermoplastics increase your ESP system’s reliability at elevated downhole operating temperatures. And with its patented internal seal, each MLE improves resistance to rapid gas decompression.

Contact us today to find out how our portfolio of CentriLink motor lead extensions can improve the performance and uptime of your ESP systems.

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